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IPG Your Second Pregnancy: What to Expect This Time

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IPG Your Second Pregnancy: What to Expect This Time
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Paperback  $14.89 CAD
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Your Second Pregnancy: What to Expect This Time
By Katie Tamony
ISBN #: 1-55652-234-7

Maternity clothes come out of the closet earlier. Legs ache that felt fine with baby #1. It's tough to find time for a nap, prenantal exercise, or a nutritious meal when a toddler is tugging at one's sleeves. Friends and family are far less attentive this time. And a second pregnancy raises new practical and emotional issues, like who will stay with the older child when its time to go to the hospital, or how to explain that a new baby is on the way. Your Second Pregnancy guides women through all these and other puzzling concerns with anecdotes from many second-time mothers, a warm-hearted, supportive style, and a thorough vetting by a woman obstetician.

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