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Answer Ovulation Test Daily Tracker

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Answer Ovulation Test Daily Tracker
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20 Day Test Kit  $19.95
$17.95 - Sale!
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Average Rating
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Answer Ovulation Test Daily Tracker

  • Kit includes test sticks for 20 days of testing.
  • Kit predicts your 2 most fertile days
  • Quick and simple to read, results in 5 minutes
  • Convenient - take the test at any time of day
  • 2 dark lines means that you have detected you LH surge
  • Plus 1 Pregnancy Test
  • Customer Reviews
    Average Rating: 5 of 5
    Review By Anonymous

    Rated 5 Out Of 5

    Got pregnant the first month I tried it after two months of just "winging it". It really does help.

    Was this helpful?   174     12

    Review By Dawn Marie in NJ

    Rated 5 Out Of 5

    I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this product! I had read mixed reviews on it from other users and bought it to decide for myself. Needless to say, I began using the strips on Dec 17th with no sign of ovulation. I took the test the same time everyday and got a dark positive on Dec 22nd. We had sex on Dec. 22nd and Dec. 23rd. I took an early hpt on January 4th and got a positive result. It is now January 8th and the doctor has confirmed that I am 4 weeks pregnant with baby 3. I highly recommend this product. Sprinkling lots of baby dust your way!!!

    Was this helpful?   488     152

    Review By Robyn

    Rated 5 Out Of 5

    I'm so glad I bought this O kit. I at first thought it wasn't working bc It never showed any indication of ovulating. The problem was I ovulated later than I thought. The traditional 10 days after your first day of your period and then the 5 days after that wasn't it. It was more mid cycle. So we shall see. Too early to tell yet.

    Was this helpful?   102     11

    Review By Sarah

    Rated 5 Out Of 5

    I have bought this kit twice and have 2 babies to show for it! The only downside is that it works so well, the company isn't making money by people needing to buy it a second or third month!

    Pros: I have bought this kit twice and have 2 babies to show for it! Just bought it for a third time! Fingers crossed!

    Cons: The pee cup is a little small. I actually use a bigger disposable cup that I can throw away every day.

    Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

    Was this helpful?   175     13

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