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Pink Apple PPC Policy

1. Allowed Search Engines

a. Bidding is allowed on Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing with a few restrictions listed herein.

b. Bidding on Ask, FindWhat, and other search engines is permitted with no restrictions on Pink Apple trademarked terms.

c. Clause 3. below (Competitor Terms) in the PPC Policy must be followed on all Pay Per Click search engines and advertisements.

2. Pink Apple and Manufacturer Trademarks

a. Affiliates may not bid on Pink Apple trademark terms on Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing including the international versions of all three.

b. There are no trademark restrictions with Pink Apple trademarks on ASK, Find What, and other Pay Per Click search engines.

c. Affiliates MAY NOT use in the display URL at any PPC search engine or various "content network" sections. Alternative spellings of our domain name are not permitted as well including but not limited to,,, etc. See direct linking policy below for additional information.

d. Affiliates are permitted to use Pink Apple trademarks in the URL to the right of the domain in the display URL. Example:

e. Affiliates may not include "Official Site" or make representations that your advertisement is Pink Apple in anyway.

f. Affiliates MAY NOT bid on Pink Apple + "term" on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Example, "Pink Apple coupons", "Pink Apple coupon codes", etc.

g. You may bid on manufacturer specific terms although some manufacturers have blocked the use of their terms on various search engines without prior permission.

h. Pink Apple terms include all of the following and any potential misspellings not shown here:
Pink Apple
Pink Apples

3. Competitors Terms

a. May not bid on competitors name and/or trademarked terms. The list of such competitors includes, but is not limited to the following, and all possible misspellings:

Condom Depot
Drug Store

4. Direct to Merchant / Landing Pages

a. Direct to Merchant bidding is not permitted on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Affiliates may not use our URL in the display URL on any PPC advertisement.

b. Domain misspellings are not allowed in the display URL on any advertisement including but not limited to,,, etc.

c. Affiliates bidding on Pink Apple trademarks may not use a landing page that includes advertisements for competitors. Example, An affiliate bids on the term "". The landing page must be entirely dedicated to Pink Apple and must not have "other offer" type marketing verbiage showing competitor offers.

5. Geo-Targeting and Day Parting

a. Geo-Targeting is allowed on all search engines so long as all policies regarding display URL, competitor terms, and trademarks are followed.

b. Day Parting is allowed on all search engines so long as all policies regarding display URL, competitor terms, and trademarks are followed.

c. Geo-Targeting and day parting to avoid enforcement of the Pink Apple PPC Policy is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate removal and reversal of all commissions up to 30 days prior to the date of the PPC violation.

d. International Geo-Targeting is allowed so long as the advertisement is truthful in Pink Apple international policies. Example, International affiliates may not mention free shipping on international orders, taxes are not included, etc.

e. International affiliates may not use an Pink Apple display URL on any search engine including but not limited to,,, and any related misspellings.

6. Ad copy restrictions

a. Truth in advertising - All affiliates are required to be truthful about any advertisement representing Pink Apple including information surrounding rebate, coupon, and sales offers.

b. Do not represent your advertisement as an official Pink Apple endorsed advertisement or site.

7. Adult Advertising

a. Pink Apple sells adult oriented products focused on enjoyable safe sex. Affiliates may bid on "adult" related terms for the promotion of products sold by Illegal or "morally questionable" terms, in Pink Apple sole judgment, are strictly prohibited including child pornography, bestiality, promotions of certain products geared to regions in which they are illegal such as vibrating condom rings in Texas and other states.

b. Violation of this section of the Pink Apple PPC Policy is strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate removal from the program as well as forfeiture of all commissions earned up to 30 days prior to discovery. Violations may be reported to [email protected].

8. Exclusions, Penalties, and Notifications

a. Pink Apple reserves the right to exclude any or all of our PPC policy for individual affiliates at our sole discretion.

b. Excluded affiliates will be required to agree via signed contract to any exclusion permitted herein. Do not assume exclusion via verbal or written communication.

c. Affiliates will receive one warning and be given 48 business hours to comply with any PPC violations. A 2nd violation will result in termination of the affiliate relationship and may be cause for reversal of past commissions earned up to 30 days prior to the 2nd violation. See below exceptions to this policy.

d. Affiliates found using Geo-Targeting or Day Parting features at search engines to avoid enforcement of the Pink Apple PPC Policy will be immediately removed from the Pink Apple affiliate program, have all commissions reversed up to 30 days prior to the violation date, and be immediately reported to the Affiliate Network for investigation.

e. Affiliates found breaching the PPC Policy and Terms of Service regarding competitor terms will be immediately removed from the program, have all commissions reversed up to 30 days, and be subject to a $5,000 penalty.

f. From time to time, Pink Apple may review the PPC policy for changes in the way search engines operate or changes in Pink Apple's philosophy. Any changes made to the PPC Policy will be announced via the Pink Apple affiliate newsletter and posted on the Pink Apple website. Affiliates will be given no less than 7 business days to comply with any new PPC terms before a 1st violation will be cited on the affiliates account.

Reporting Violations

a. Violations of the Pink Apple PPC Policy may be reported to [email protected]. Please have all applicable proof in your email including but not limited to screen shots of the ad, geographical location of the ad, URL/Network tracking information, and search engine where the ad was found.

Updated 4/30/2010
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