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Product Reviews

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Men's Fitness

Product Reviewed:
Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms
Reality Female Condom
LifeStyles Kiss of Mint
Pleasure Plus Pleasure Plus

review by: Lee Frank
<b>Pleasure Plus

Score: 9

He Said: Gaaa!

She Said: Gaaa!</b>

When you wear a conventional condom, the only way to feel friction is through the latex barrier, but A.V.K. Reddy, MD, solved the problem. His Pleasure Plus condoms have a small pouch on the underside. The idea that the latex moves around right beneath the head of your trouser-trout , stimulating the most sensitive area. Yeah, I like it. My girlfriend, says she, too, is thoroughly satisfied. Reddy says women generally rate this one high because the latex bunches up into small wrinkles at the base of the condom, within striking distance of the clitoris.

<b>Reality (Female Condom)

Score: 9 (He) / 4 (She)

He Said: Wow! Amazing!

She Said: Shhh! Bases loaded!</b>

My choice for a first-place tie even surprised me - it's the Reality female condom. Yup, that tubular monstrosity we've seen on all the talk shows. I am shocked to discover that despite its alarming resemblance to a Hefty Cinch -Sack, it actually feels great -to me anyway. I ask my girlfriend how she likes it, but she's peering over my shoulder at the Yankees game.
The big reason the Reality feels so pleasurable is because it's made of a soft, heat-conducting plastic, rather than latex which has insulative properties. But is terms of aesthetics, forget it. The female condom is not a pretty sight: It dangles out of her like her guts ae falling out.

<b>Kiss of Mint

Score: 3

He Said: Here, honey, have a sexy breath freshner?

She Said: Is this a hint?</b>

You want a taste sensation, eat a Peppermint Patty. The flavored condoms, girlfriend says, are more on the order of "sucking on a mildly flavored hockey puck." They don't do much for me either, though we both rate Kiss of Mint slightly higher than the others.

<b>Trojan Magnum

Score: 2

He Said: I coulda been a contendah.

She Said: You're deluding yourself.</b>

I wish I could report that the extra large condoms - Magnum and Maxx - are my size, but they hang off me like loose fitting sweaters and all the sensitivity you'd expect from a cardigan. Somehow, the Magnum feels better than the Maxx. My girlfriend says it's like having sex with a man possessed of shattered dreams.

<b>Trojan-Enz Lubricated

Score: 1

He Said: Hey when did you get here?

She Said: Get off me!</b>

My joy stick feels rubberized, like I just slapped on a few coats of Weatherbeater. My girlfriend says it's like having sex with the Michelin Man.

Men's Health

Product Reviewed:
Kimono Kimono MAXX Condoms
Pleasure Plus Pleasure Plus

review by: Mark Roman
<b>Pleasure Plus</b>

Sensitivity Rating: A+

Traditional form-fitting condoms block the nerves on the surface the penis, claims Reddy Labs. The Pleasure Plus solution: Provide the ultimate in looseness. Picture a Hefty Cinch Sack draped around Old glory. Snug at the bottom, plenty of room up top. The friction when the loose material rubs against the penis and vaginal walls gives the man and his partner more pleasure. And Reddy Labs is right. All that rubbing was the next best thing to skin on skin for me and my partner. It seems that an excited penis can't tell latex from labia. As an added bonus, the looseness makes it easy to put on - and safe. A must-try.

<b>Kimono MicroThin</b>

Sensitivity Rating: B+

The difference was obvious. Warmth, that sensation sorely lacking in most condoms, radiated through almost immediately. Kimono still felt like a condom, but it didn't feel like a bad condom. Don't worry about extra-thin condoms breaking. Japanese condom manufacturers have impeccable safety records. You do pay a small price for pleasure: The sheer latex was more difficult to unroll, and when the action got heated the final rounds, Kimono tended to bunch up. An excellent condom, nevertheless.

<b>Sagami Type E</b>

Sensitivity Rating: B+

Sagami isn't quite thin as the Kimono, but friction and warmth still seep through. It offers nubs and ribs that are meant to titillate the woman, but my wife couldn't feel a difference. Watch for bunching, especially, for some reason, on the outstroke.


Sensitivity Rating: C

Maxx, as its name suggests is wider and longer and has more, well, headroom. The larger size makes for easy application, and the plume of latex at the head fits like an old zoot suite. But when it comes to sensation, the rating is average. Maxx purports to be extra-thin, but it felt like your run-of-the-mill condom.

<b>Prime Snugger Fit</b>

Sensitivity Rating: D

For the guy is proud to call himself average, a snug-fit condom feels like a tourniquet. Sheathed, I resembled a balloon animal made by a mime on LSD. More important, the precariously applied rubber slid halfway off during our most low-octane sex.

Men's Journal

Product Reviewed:
Durex Durex Avanti
LifeStyles Pleasure Shape

review by: Joseph Hooper
<b>Crown Skinless Skin</b>

Well, God Bless, this is the next best thing to nothing at all. The Crown is plain old latex, but it feels as sheer as a silk stocking.

<b>LifeStyles Xtra Pleasure</b>

At .07 millimeters, this is not an especially thin condom, but that's not the point; the lollipop head is. The first sensation is the same numb, in the grip of the rubber maiden feel, suggesting that things won't turn out nearly as well as hoped. But then a reprieve - encouraging reports from on high. The Xtra Pleasure isn't going to bring on the condom revolution, but the clever design does make the most of the all-too-conventional materials. In other words, almost a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

<b>Durex Avanti</b>

The immediate impression: heat. I've been spending so much time in latex of late that this comes as a real surprise, although I can't say that this sends me around the pleasure bend. But all told, this is a good condom, possibly even a great condom, though the Avanti's crankily texture never lets me forget I'm wearing one.


Product Reviewed:
Okamoto Crown Skin Less Skin Condoms
Durex Durex Avanti
Inspiral Inspiral
Kimono Kimono MicroThin Plus
LifeStyles Pleasure Shape
Trojan Shared Sensation

review by: Julie Taylor

FEEL:He rates a 10. The bagginess made for more rub-a-dub-dub maneuvers.

She rates a 10. Very nice. I felt friction in all the right places.

FIT: "Rolled on easily like a second (fore) skin."

BEST FOR: "Boys who like to twist and shout."


FEEL: He rates: 10 Almost as good as as going au naturel"

She rates:10 "So thin, we were naming our babies."

FIT: "Snug but nice- my love veins weren't bulging under the latex."

BEST FOR: Smaller guys who like a nice ride


FEEL:He rates: 9.5 "Mmm, mmm good!"

She rates:10 "This condom was a little too smooth. All shape and no texture."

FIT: "The perfect sheath for my sword - no strain no pain."

BEST FOR: "Your average size regular Ron."


FEEL: He rates: 9 "The extra rubber is great - but it takes some getting used to."

She rates:8 "It was like he had a trash bag on his John Thomas."

FIT: "Hard to get jiggy in this biggy."

BEST FOR: "Average Joes who like extra tickle at the top."


FEEL: He rates: "Not enough of that male to female friction."

She rates:8.5 "All of the extra material made this condom kind of baggy."

FIT: "Felt looser and thicker than other condoms."

BEST FOR: "Well endowed guys who like extra head room."


FEEL: He rates: 9.5 "Very nice - lots of room for motion in her ocean."

She rates:6 "Gross. It felt and sounded like plastic wrap."</br>
FIT: "Long and loose- ready for some motion in her ocean"

BEST FOR: "Long slim Jims who crave oral sex."


FEEL: He rates: 8 "Like a bike tire, I did some serious off-roading."

She rates:6 "Hmm... didn't float my boat."

FIT: "Great fit. It's definately roomy but it still held tight."

BEST FOR: "Guys who like rocky terrain."

Maxim Magazine

Product Reviewed:
Okamoto Crown Skin Less Skin Condoms
Durex Durex Avanti
Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms
Durex Extra Sensitive Spermicidal
Inspiral Inspiral
Kimono Kimono MicroThin Plus
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive
Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms

review by: Amy Keyishan
<b>Kimono Micro Thin</b>

"Thirty-eight percent thinner...offers maximum transparency, sensitivity, and feeling."

SHE: It sure felt good. It seemed to be the thinnest condom here

HE: Hello, Kimono. I give this one the ultimate praise because I didn't even notice it.

<b>Extra Sensitive</b>

"An intimate and natural experience that allows you to feel every sensation."

SHE: It felt just like a regular condom. But it must've been thin because he came quicker.

HE: It felt kind of tight, but otherwise okay.


"Transmits body heat for your ultimate sensual pleasure!"

SHE: Polyurethane doesn't stink like latex. But the chance of breakage is higher

HE: This one was slippery and non-smelly, but it seemed a bit thick.


"Because it is made from natural has its own special feeling of sensitivity."

SHE: Animal-skin doesn't prevent STDs. And I was afraid PETA would storm my bedroom.

HE: This was like wearing a Ziploc on my penis - it was really loose. I'll stick with lamb on my dinner plate.


"The original thin condom...almost like using nothing at all!"

SHE: I'm somehow reassured by a condom made in a conservative state like Alabama.

HE: I'm reaching for these comfy condoms when we run out of Kimonos


Before polyurethane, creepy lambskin was the only alternative to latex. Though the FDA hasn't given them their ultimate no-disease stamp of approval, these love gloves are as babyproof as latex

SHE: "Omigod, it almost feels like skin! I can feel a lot more heat through it, too."

HE: "Hmmm. That's actually not bad. I'll use these if I have to."


God bless the Japanese: They've developed a way to make latex as thin as physics will allow. For couples who want as little between them as possible - that would be all of us - these are clearly an excellent option.

SHE: "OK, I gotta say, these feel pretty good, too."

HE: "It's a tossup between these and the polyurethane ones: You feel a lot of heat and some muscle squeezing. The downside is they're snug, especially at the base."


For a guy with a big, well, head, the bulbous shape fits loosely around the tip while remaining tight at the base.

SHE: "It doesn't feel much different to me, but it makes a weird sloshy sound."

HE: "It's nice to have the extra room, but all the excess material makes my soldier look a little undersized."

<b>Extended Pleasure</b>

These condoms are lubricated with stuff that numbs your soldier to avoid an accidental fire.

SHE: "I do notice that he can go a lot longer."

HE: "This is like being too drunk to finish, but without the joy of a beer buzz."

Maxim Magazine July 2002 Amy Keyishian
Men's Health

Product Reviewed:
Okamoto Crown Skin Less Skin Condoms
Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom
Trojan Her Pleasure Lubricated Condoms
Durex Intense Sensation Studded
Trojan Mesh Lubricated
Trojan Twisted Pleasure Condoms
Durex Ultimate Feeling Spermicidal

review by: Mike Zimmerman
<b>WHETHER IT'S DUREX, TROJAN, OR A BOUTIQUE BRAND LIKE TRUSTEX</b>, the mission of every condom company's design team is the same: Transform an erection-wilting necessity into a slip-on power tool. But do naughty nubs necessarily add up to his-and-her orgasms? We asked our 41-year-old test subject and his wife of 3 years to put the latest generation of love gloves through their paces. Here's how the condomsand the couplescored.
Scoring scale:1-5, with 5 being the next best thing to naked.

<b>Trojan Her Pleasure</b>

THE PROMISE: "Unique texturing...designed to help provide extra sensation for a woman's most sensitive area."

"She really seems to love it, which starts a feedback loop of audible appreciationthe more she enjoys it, the better I go, so the more she enjoys it. Sheer enough so you think that you're the one making the difference."

"Feels very 'mmm.' Even though the ribs are on the bottom, I'm feeling a wonderful tickle at the top of my head. Fuller somehow. Wonderful."

<b>Crown Skinless Skin</b>

THE PROMISE: "The closest thing to nothing at all."

"Wow, excellent heat transference. Feels as thin as water, but couldn't they find a brighter shade of pink?"

"Mmm. So what's he want? Raiders colors? Feels great, looks cute."

<b>Durex Ultimate Feeling</b>

THE PROMISE: "...a raised texture for added stimulation...thin for sensitivity, providing excitement and pleasure for you and your partner."

"It's thin enough to make you check that it's still on. But, as with the Pleasure Mesh, I was unaware of any guy-side benefit to the rubber rumble strips."

"One of the easiest-unrolling condoms we tested. And once on the job, the ribs added a subtle but welcome backbeat."

<b>Trojan Pleasure Mesh</b>

THE PROMISE: "...over 300 passion XXXs designed to stimulate both partner's most sensitive areas."

"Nicely lubed, so it goes on and in easily, but after a while, felt like a wet suit. Yanked it off in midswim. And as for the pleasure mesh, if there was any on my side, I couldn't feel it."

"Made me say, 'Ah!' Sleek lines and plentiful lube made for a quick slide to the plate, and the mesh provided a nice thrumming massage."

<b>Durex Intense Sensation</b>

THE PROMISE: "Hundreds of raised studs add intensity to your expereince by providing extreme sensation for your partner."

"Feels as if you've been shallacked with vibrating armor, which provides a nice psychological boost but no special physical benefit."

"Feels weird, and kind of distracting. Sort of like sliding down stairs on your butt."

<b>Trojan Twisted Pleasure</b>

THE PROMISE: "...designed with a special 'TWIST' at the closed end, to help stimulate both partners in their most sensitive areas."

"If there's anything special going on, it's all on her side. Feels a little thick to me."

"'Twisted' is right. Feels like I sat on a slinky. The spirals might be too far apart; it feels as if there's a 30-second delay after each one. Could be pleasurable, I guess."

<b>Night Light Glow-in-the-Dark Condom</b>

THE PROMISE: "Just expose to light for 30 seconds, then prepare for a night to remember!"

"Expose it to light before or after it's on? Just to be safe, I tried both, meaning I stood in the bathroom looking at my watch, while the big hand rapidly became the little hand."

"What the hell is he doing in the bathroom?"

<b>Trustex Flavored Condoms</b>

THE PROMISE: "Comes in cola, chocolate, banana, grape, strawberry, mint, and vanilla."

"Not that oral sex has ever been an issue, but it's nice feeling like you're making it a treat. Until..."

"Ugh. The first taste was surprisingly authentic, but within seconds, it turned into a nauseating mix of tropical and auto-shop flavors. Like someone slipped a tire patch into your fruit salad."

Essence Magazine

Product Reviewed:
review by: LaDawn Black
"You have to shop for your protection the same way you shop for a perfect fit in jeans or the hottest pair of shoes" explains LaDawn Black. She suggests Kimono MicroThin for increased sensitivity and a roomier shaft. It's a super thin, sheer alternative to latex.

AVN Novelty Business

Product Reviewed:
review by: Jenn Ramsey
AVN Novelty Business selects Kimono MicroThin condoms
as an "Editors Pick" for its "barely-there thinness". <p>

The latest release of Kimono MicroThin condoms is garnished with the statement" Mayer Laboratories introduces the thinnest latex condoms," but it comes with lengthy documentation to prove it. And is if text and diagrams weren't enough, Mayer also includes several fabric samples - each labeled with its measurements in millimeters - so we can see just how thin the 0.049 millimeter Kimono MicroThin really is in comparison. <p>

Still not convinced? I wasn't until I opened the condom and felt its barely-there thinness and gave it the Ramsey Torture Test: fitting it over my head. It stretched to more than six inches across and still didn't break. <p>

Now that's a condom I can get behind.

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