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Maxim Magazine

Condoms Reviewed:
Okamoto Crown
Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms
LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive
Trojan Natural Lamb Condoms

review by: Amy Keyishan
Kimono Micro Thin

"Thirty-eight percent thinner...offers maximum transparency, sensitivity, and feeling."

SHE: It sure felt good. It seemed to be the thinnest condom here
HE: Hello, Kimono. I give this one the ultimate praise because I didn't even notice it.

Extra Sensitive

"An intimate and natural experience that allows you to feel every sensation."

SHE: It felt just like a regular condom. But it must've been thin because he came quicker.
HE: It felt kind of tight, but otherwise okay.


"Transmits body heat for your ultimate sensual pleasure!"

SHE: Polyurethane doesn't stink like latex. But the chance of breakage is higher
HE: This one was slippery and non-smelly, but it seemed a bit thick.


"Because it is made from natural has its own special feeling of sensitivity."

SHE: Animal-skin doesn't prevent STDs. And I was afraid PETA would storm my bedroom.
HE: This was like wearing a Ziploc on my penis - it was really loose. I'll stick with lamb on my dinner plate.


"The original thin condom...almost like using nothing at all!"

SHE: I'm somehow reassured by a condom made in a conservative state like Alabama.
HE: I'm reaching for these comfy condoms when we run out of Kimonos


Before polyurethane, creepy lambskin was the only alternative to latex. Though the FDA hasn't given them their ultimate no-disease stamp of approval, these love gloves are as babyproof as latex

SHE: "Omigod, it almost feels like skin! I can feel a lot more heat through it, too."
HE: "Hmmm. That's actually not bad. I'll use these if I have to."


God bless the Japanese: They've developed a way to make latex as thin as physics will allow. For couples who want as little between them as possible - that would be all of us - these are clearly an excellent option.

SHE: "OK, I gotta say, these feel pretty good, too."
HE: "It's a tossup between these and the polyurethane ones: You feel a lot of heat and some muscle squeezing. The downside is they're snug, especially at the base."


For a guy with a big, well, head, the bulbous shape fits loosely around the tip while remaining tight at the base.

SHE: "It doesn't feel much different to me, but it makes a weird sloshy sound."
HE: "It's nice to have the extra room, but all the excess material makes my soldier look a little undersized."

Extended Pleasure

These condoms are lubricated with stuff that numbs your soldier to avoid an accidental fire.

SHE: "I do notice that he can go a lot longer."
HE: "This is like being too drunk to finish, but without the joy of a beer buzz."

Maxim Magazine July 2002 Amy Keyishian
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