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Product Reviews

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Men's Health

Products Reviewed:
Kimono Kimono MAXX Condoms
Pleasure Plus Pleasure Plus

review by: Mark Roman
Pleasure Plus

Sensitivity Rating: A+

Traditional form-fitting condoms block the nerves on the surface the penis, claims Reddy Labs. The Pleasure Plus solution: Provide the ultimate in looseness. Picture a Hefty Cinch Sack draped around Old glory. Snug at the bottom, plenty of room up top. The friction when the loose material rubs against the penis and vaginal walls gives the man and his partner more pleasure. And Reddy Labs is right. All that rubbing was the next best thing to skin on skin for me and my partner. It seems that an excited penis can't tell latex from labia. As an added bonus, the looseness makes it easy to put on - and safe. A must-try.

Kimono MicroThin

Sensitivity Rating: B+

The difference was obvious. Warmth, that sensation sorely lacking in most condoms, radiated through almost immediately. Kimono still felt like a condom, but it didn't feel like a bad condom. Don't worry about extra-thin condoms breaking. Japanese condom manufacturers have impeccable safety records. You do pay a small price for pleasure: The sheer latex was more difficult to unroll, and when the action got heated the final rounds, Kimono tended to bunch up. An excellent condom, nevertheless.

Sagami Type E

Sensitivity Rating: B+

Sagami isn't quite thin as the Kimono, but friction and warmth still seep through. It offers nubs and ribs that are meant to titillate the woman, but my wife couldn't feel a difference. Watch for bunching, especially, for some reason, on the outstroke.


Sensitivity Rating: C

Maxx, as its name suggests is wider and longer and has more, well, headroom. The larger size makes for easy application, and the plume of latex at the head fits like an old zoot suite. But when it comes to sensation, the rating is average. Maxx purports to be extra-thin, but it felt like your run-of-the-mill condom.

Prime Snugger Fit

Sensitivity Rating: D

For the guy is proud to call himself average, a snug-fit condom feels like a tourniquet. Sheathed, I resembled a balloon animal made by a mime on LSD. More important, the precariously applied rubber slid halfway off during our most low-octane sex.

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