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Product Reviews

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Men's Fitness

Products Reviewed:
Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms
Reality Female Condom
LifeStyles Kiss of Mint
Pleasure Plus Pleasure Plus

review by: Lee Frank
Pleasure Plus
Score: 9

He Said: Gaaa!
She Said: Gaaa!

When you wear a conventional condom, the only way to feel friction is through the latex barrier, but A.V.K. Reddy, MD, solved the problem. His Pleasure Plus condoms have a small pouch on the underside. The idea that the latex moves around right beneath the head of your trouser-trout , stimulating the most sensitive area. Yeah, I like it. My girlfriend, says she, too, is thoroughly satisfied. Reddy says women generally rate this one high because the latex bunches up into small wrinkles at the base of the condom, within striking distance of the clitoris.

Reality (Female Condom)
Score: 9 (He) / 4 (She)

He Said: Wow! Amazing!
She Said: Shhh! Bases loaded!

My choice for a first-place tie even surprised me - it's the Reality female condom. Yup, that tubular monstrosity we've seen on all the talk shows. I am shocked to discover that despite its alarming resemblance to a Hefty Cinch -Sack, it actually feels great -to me anyway. I ask my girlfriend how she likes it, but she's peering over my shoulder at the Yankees game. The big reason the Reality feels so pleasurable is because it's made of a soft, heat-conducting plastic, rather than latex which has insulative properties. But is terms of aesthetics, forget it. The female condom is not a pretty sight: It dangles out of her like her guts ae falling out.

Kiss of Mint
Score: 3

He Said: Here, honey, have a sexy breath freshner?
She Said: Is this a hint?

You want a taste sensation, eat a Peppermint Patty. The flavored condoms, girlfriend says, are more on the order of "sucking on a mildly flavored hockey puck." They don't do much for me either, though we both rate Kiss of Mint slightly higher than the others.

Trojan Magnum
Score: 2

He Said: I coulda been a contendah.
She Said: You're deluding yourself.

I wish I could report that the extra large condoms - Magnum and Maxx - are my size, but they hang off me like loose fitting sweaters and all the sensitivity you'd expect from a cardigan. Somehow, the Magnum feels better than the Maxx. My girlfriend says it's like having sex with a man possessed of shattered dreams.

Trojan-Enz Lubricated
Score: 1

He Said: Hey when did you get here?
She Said: Get off me!

My joy stick feels rubberized, like I just slapped on a few coats of Weatherbeater. My girlfriend says it's like having sex with the Michelin Man.

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