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Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms Condoms Reviews

Total Reviews: 77

Average Rating: 4 out of 5

4 Rated!

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Review By john

Rated 4 Out Of 5

He loves the feeling would buy more for his pleasure, Good traction in my boyfriends mud hole, a little to thick in laxtex sensitivy

Pros: Good traction in my boyfriends mud hole

Cons: a little to thick in laxtex sensitivy

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

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Review By Anonymous

Rated 2 Out Of 5

These studded condoms didn't do much for my partner. As for me they are too small in diameter and are painful when worn for any length of time.

Was this helpful?   15     3

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

AMAZING, simply amazing, the girlfriend DEMANDS that i buy more. lol. you have to try it to believe it.

Was this helpful?   183     40

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

This is one of my favorite condoms of all time!, ,

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   7     2

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

The greatest, most pleasurable condoms EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Was this helpful?   83     34

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

very fast delivery

Was this helpful?   67     29

Review By Annie

Rated 5 Out Of 5

OMG!!! These are the best ever studded condom. The ribs on the shaft are fine but the studs at the base send me over the edge. Luv, luv, luv 'em.

Pros: The studs are fantastic for her; no latex odor

Cons: None

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   126     56

Review By Rob

Rated 5 Out Of 5

for the uncircumcised male with sensitivity issues, these are great.

I've tried so many brands, they are great out of the gate but seem to stretch, start slipping and fall off - some are really bad. Nothing more annoying than shifting gears to change rubber.

These condoms go on snug, they stay snug and they do not move :)

Was this helpful?   289     150

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I love the ease of putting it on and the sensation is good too. My wife likes the textured ribs and studs better than a regular condom. I recommend them for sure.

Was this helpful?   52     33

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

One of the best I've used.

Was this helpful?   55     39

Review By Anonymous

Rated 3 Out Of 5

Ok, a bit tight and not the best comfort.

Was this helpful?   94     70

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I purchased a lot of different ribbed and dotted condoms, including these. My wife now begs for these and wants nothing else.

Was this helpful?   52     48

Review By Anonymous
Verfied Buyer

Rated 5 Out Of 5

The best textured condom I have ever used. My wife really enjoys them.

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   53     50

Review By Anonymous

Rated 3 Out Of 5

It's not bad. It's a little on the thick side. Can't feel much pleasure but it sure does make the other person feel wonderful.

Was this helpful?   47     53

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

From someone who doesn't like wearing condoms, I have to say that these were as goods as everyone says. I have no complaints.

Was this helpful?   36     53

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