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Trojan Intense Vibrating Ring Reviews

Total Reviews: 136

Average Rating: 4 out of 5

4 Rated!

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Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

this is a GREAT ring

Was this helpful?   374     49

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Before my girlfriend used to say..."go get a condom", now she says..."GO GET THE RING!!!!"

Was this helpful?   358     57

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

LOved it..all products were packaged nicely and clean

Was this helpful?   279     52

Review By Anonymous

Rated 3 Out Of 5

I really enjoyed this cock ring, but my boyfriend and I were disappointed to realize that it was a one time use sort of thing. It was really irritating that we found this out after it died and with further inspection we found there was no way to switch the batteries or anything else. The box definitely didn't make it clear that your money was going towards one good night of sex, not many., Good quality, Didn't last long enough, One time use

Pros: Good quality

Cons: Didn't last long enough, One time use

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   5     1

Review By Jazmin

Rated 5 Out Of 5

oh my god! i had just tried it last nite with my boyfriend, & let me tell you, it was amazing! it was both our first time using one.

Was this helpful?   334     83

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5


Was this helpful?   213     53

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

this ring is my second favorite..the first is my wedding ring.

Was this helpful?   394     108

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

haha just when you thought sex couldn't get any better!!

Was this helpful?   241     72

Review By ROX(*)

Rated 5 Out Of 5


Was this helpful?   585     184

Review By Anonymous

Rated 4 Out Of 5

It worked pretty good, although it'd be nice if you could make one that has a higher vibration level. Then you could switch to the level you like. It felt great for my wife, it just didn't get it her over the edge like I was hoping. But, it was the best she's ever had 'till now. (She's never been able to have an orgasim through normal sexual intercouse- only when we've tried other things.)

Still a great product!

Was this helpful?   261     81

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

we both luv it

Was this helpful?   288     101

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

This is known as "the little ring of happiness" in our household.

Was this helpful?   175     61

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

one word AWESOME

Was this helpful?   97     48

Review By Anonymous

Rated 4 Out Of 5

The absolute best.

Was this helpful?   94     47

Review By Anonymous

Rated 4 Out Of 5

It is a fun item

Was this helpful?   23     15

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Amazing makes my gf's knee's shiver feels good to wear to makes me stay harder battery still isnt dead :)

Was this helpful?   50     34

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I bought this for my wife as a surprise..not knowing if she would be willing to try it. She was willing and boy was it great. She had a wonderful time as did I!! She had multiple orgasms and I lasted longer than I ever had before. This is a great product. We have since used the second one of the dual pack and had a duplicate experience. I will be buying more of these SOON!

Was this helpful?   96     69

Review By Nick

Rated 5 Out Of 5

makes things alot better for both!

Pros: This shit is bad ass!

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   92     71

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I asked my girlfriend to marry me with it...thats how great it was.

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   20     18

Review By Bunny

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I had never heard of this product until my boyfriend told me about it so i bought one and let me tell you it was the most amazing night of my whole life. I loved it.

Was this helpful?   259     236

Review By Brit

Rated 5 Out Of 5

It was my boyfriend and I first time using one of these, and let me tell you, it was the best night of my life. If you haven't tried one of these, your truley missing out!!!, Everything!!!!!!, Nothing bad about this product at all!!!

Pros: Everything!!!!!!

Cons: Nothing bad about this product at all!!!

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   1     1

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

The Vibrating Ring was fantastic, my girlfriend and me enjoyed our intimate moment so much we're gonna order another one for next time!

Was this helpful?   260     274

Review By Glad I. Gotit

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Check your local stores and GET IT! Enjoy!

Pros: Inexpensive, small, very SILENT, and extremely satifying! Have used other vibrating products and this is the most convinient of all! Wife loves it!

Cons: Did not care to wear it on penis, but wife loved holding on to it to control the speed anyway!

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   31     34

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Highly recommend.

Was this helpful?   16     17

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

We've been married 30 years and I have never been able to satisfy my wife until now. She weighs about 300 pounds and I only have a 7" penis. This thing is better than whipped cream and fried bologna. My wife had a 30-minute screaming orgasm. Then we realized we had forgotten to turn the battery on! I can't wait to see what happens when we actually use the product as it was intended.

Was this helpful?   101     118

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Its awesome

Was this helpful?   23     27

Review By Stephanie, Ohio

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I absolutely loved this item! I highly suggest using this if you want to have multiple orgasms.

Pros: It was the perfect amount of vibration for me.

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   17     22

Review By feel good about myself

Rated 4 Out Of 5

My girlfriend and I tried the Vibrating Ring for the first time, and we were like "WHOAH!!!!"

However, just like any good sexual experience, it must come to and end :( But not to worry, there are plenty on the shelves around the local shops, so it's time to stock up folks!!!!!

Pros: provides for intimate excitement for both partners

Cons: only lasts 20 or so minutes

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   16     29

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I love it. My wife love it. It's small enough that the only thing you feel betwenn the two is the vibration.

Was this helpful?   163     303

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

This product not only creates great stimulation for the woman. I have discovered that it can be used to create better stimulation for a guy. If you put the entire ring around the entire male parts and ensure the vibrating head is under the testies, it creates increadable stimulation for the male., duel stimulation, short battery life

Pros: duel stimulation

Cons: short battery life

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   1     2

Review By Rondale

Rated 5 Out Of 5

My girlfriend really loved this!! It made our love making a lot better!!

Was this helpful?   130     288

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Uh... Wow. That's all I can say.

Was this helpful?   129     351

Review By Gypsy

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I was disappointed with my boy friend's performance; he climaxed to soon. And now with the Ring he is my hero! The ring give us both pleasure. We highly recommend it for all couples!

Was this helpful?   66     182

Review By anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

From a woman's point,this is great you have 2 sensations at the same time. Makes faster orgasms. Where has this product been hiding, its great!!!

Was this helpful?   127     356

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