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Pjur Woman Bodyglide Reviews

Total Reviews: 27

Average Rating: 5 out of 5

5 Rated!

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Review By NiTT
Verfied Buyer

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Silky lubricant, lasts forever and feels smooth, Lasts forever, A bit tricky to remove, Lasts forever, A bit tricky to remove

Pros: Lasts forever

Cons: A bit tricky to remove

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   7     1

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I love this stuff! Best lube we have ever tried., ,

Bottom Line: I would recommend to a friend.

Was this helpful?   6     1

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

I decided to try this lube after doing some research on different ones, and I am completely satisfied with my choice.

Was this helpful?   654     209

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Best product that I have found. Not sticky, and lasts a long time.

Was this helpful?   433     142

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

This is the best lube ever! The Mrs loves it and so do I..

Was this helpful?   79     27

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Great stuff... doesn't get sticky, which is great when compared to Astroglide, KY and the like...

Was this helpful?   228     79

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

All the ladies loved the silky feeling of this lube.

Was this helpful?   59     25

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

This is the only lubricant my husband and I use, and after trying numerous others, it's the one HE prefers.

Nice, light, non-sticky texture, a few drops go a long way... the viscoscity is very close to a woman's natural lubrication, so it doesn't feel as if you're using anything to assist the natural process. If you go slightly heavier when applying, Pjur Woman does give a very "slip and slide" type effect.... but it's always a nice slippery, and never sticky, tacky, gooey, or uncomfortable. And the best part is, after a few minutes of use, rather than becoming sticky, the excess tends to either evaporate or be absorbed, so you manage to get back to a comfortable amount rather quickly. It's almost more like using a cream or lotion than a lubricant, in that your skin feels softer and more supple afterwards-- instead of leaving you feeling like you need a shower, which I've found to be the case with alot of other lubricants.

Can be used either with or without condoms: we recently had a baby, and my husband hasn't minded using condoms for birth control again as long as he has a drop or two of this inside the condom (prior to applying), and we both have a few drops on the outside, too. A great lube, and since a little goes a long way, worth every penny.

Was this helpful?   409     206

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

This is a great company to deal with. Orders always arrive quickly. I've never had any problems.

Was this helpful?   81     48

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

FANTASTIC product from PJUR, we have tried so many lubes, and most are too sticky-(astroglide,KY,WET) we do love the pjur brand, We have tried all their lubes but our favorite is the Pjur Woman Aqua, you only need a few drops and it is soo slippery and it seems to last forever, plus there is zero smell.we'll never buy any lube other than Pjur. also get the 100ml bottle for the bedroom and the 30ml for traveling....

Was this helpful?   498     326

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

Great - fast shipping, discrete.

Was this helpful?   45     47

Review By Anonymous

Rated 5 Out Of 5

i actually use this for my hair conditioning, it is the only silicone emollient that isnt sticky or scented or with added chemical preservatives. you guys had the absolute best price and will only order from you from now on. thanks!

Was this helpful?   81     87

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